Who We Are

11In bottom photo: Mary (far left), Aaron (our older brother), Molly and Melanie (our older sister) in a chicory field in the summer of 1996.

When Molly Collins propositioned her younger sister, Mary, with the opportunity to work on California Endive Farms’ blog, Mary didn’t hesitate. Our father, Rich Collins, has long fostered a passion for food and agriculture, with an emphasis on the connection between the two. Growing up, an endive salad was, and continues to be, on our table most evenings (whether the children wanted it or not). Our dad instilled in us an appreciation for good food, an appreciation that spans far beyond the finished product’s taste, and into the food’s journey from the farm to the table.

Molly has taken a winding path that has finally led her back to the endive business. Graduating from Chico State University in 2011 with a degree in Sociology, Molly took a job in retail in order to live in San Francisco. After nearly a year (and a quick realization that retail requires a very special type of employee), a serendipitous moment found Richard in need of a new marketing assistant while Molly was searching for a new job. Starting at California Endive Farms in September 2012, Molly has brought a fresh and youthful approach as she explores her passion for simple, healthy food in the world of marketing.

Mary’s official title as “Blog Consultant” seems almost overly sophisticated to the University of Montana sophomore. As a Literature major, Mary enjoys the creative process of writing and the opportunity to flex her literary muscles while working on the blog. Over the summers, she has worked on the Collins’ family farm in Davis, CA, harvesting fruits and vegetables, making jam and pies, and selling goods at farmers’ markets throughout the local area. Mary’s excited for the blog’s opportunity to introduce her to the world of food writing, an occupation that she hopes will be in her professional future as she explores her interest in writing and her, dare we say, obsession with food.

We’ve included the recipes for our favorite ways to eat endive. Molly loves the super simple appetizer snack of endive leaves dipped in hummus. If you’re looking to make your own creative dips, try our recipe for Four Light & Lively Dips.


Mary’s favorite recipe is the tried and true Salade d’Hiver, with the classic combination of pears, roasted walnuts and blue cheese dressed in a light vinaigrette. Mary’s younger taste buds did not always appreciate the combination, but dad’s insistence to include an endive salad with our childhood dinners seems to have finally paid off!


We hope you enjoy our blog and join us as we bring you our unique perspective on endive!